About Ruroni DM

I could copy paste everything I said on the first post but that would be cheating; this is going to be a short introduction.

I am Gino Cobarrubias; 24 Years old, employed as a 3D artist but an illustrator at heart(send me a message if you want a character portrait), single and hoping to find the perfect gaming girlfriend(better yet wife) who'd serve as my permanent PC(still wont exclude her from the DM hammer though). Avid gamer in all senses(table top, video, miniature wargaming name it i probably played it.) also a former gym junkie, back in highschool i used to be a sexy geeky spartan; now I'm a regular(ish) 200 pound greek.

If you want to contact me add me up on  Facebook with a short introductory message if i dont know you personally; I'm shy like that.

I could tell you more but I want to keep up the mysterious wanderer effect.

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