Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Back from the real world

I know its been a few months since I last posted but that was thanks to my day job's workload. I haven't been able to run or play as many games as I'd like but my heart's still in the game.

I've been cooking up monster reference cards for D&D 5E to make looking up monster stats easier for me personally as a DM since from past experiences looking up statblocks in any monster manual or beastiary tends to slow things down until I've memorized the stats. Here i've made some sample reference cards I'm planning to use hopefully I even get to do art for all of them but that's unlikely. Hopefully my other artist friends join in!

These cards should print in 2.5x3.5 size the same of a standard trading card, so if you can spend the money you could print the cards yourself on cardstock, while I'd simply use my old Magic commons as a backer and sleeve these little bastards.